Why Your Support Is Needed

Looking at Uviwe’s financial position at year end 2012 we kept the question 'What does Uviwe Child & Youth Services need the most to continue making a difference in the lives of children?' in mind when looking at what is needed financially needed for 2013.

Our aim is to increase our local fundraising initiatives significantly to meet the local needs in terms of services and programmes.

Uviwe’s biggest cost driver remains staff salaries – like most service organisations. This is a logic consequence in view of most of our work being carried out by people. Unlike many think – we ultimately need people to deliver services. Equipment, programme material, goods and items are equally important – but it is through the interaction with our people and the parting of professional skills and knowledge that real behaviour change, unlocking of potential and services occur.

Our challenges in this regard remain:

  • Our professional Social Service Professionals (Social Workers, Social Auxiliary Workers and Fieldworkers) still earn far below the government norm for salaries
  • Subsidy structures remain at 2006 salary scales and the annual increase in living cost has placed an almost impossible demand on NGO’s. More than 50% of salary related costs need to be raised through fundraising initiatives

 Most funders focus on direct programme costs – help us sustain our services by helping where it counts most. Here are 6 ways in which you can help:

2012 Operating Income

Operating Expenditure


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