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Who Are Volunteers?

A volunteer is anyone form the local community who offers their time, skills, knowledge, passion, care or active support and involvement in support of the services and programmes if Uviwe.

  • Volunteers generally do not receive any form of stipend or financial reward, unless if it is project and fundraiser specific. 
  • The duration of a volunteer's involvement remains a personal choice and decision.
  • Volunteers are required to be screened against the child protection register (Part B), as Uviwe is a registered CPO, according to the Children's Act.
  • Any volunteer needs to complete an applicable Application Form and will be screened and trained in all relevant areas of involvement. 

We differentiate between 3 broad categories of volunteers: 


This is any community member, paying an annual membership fee and being registered on our database to receive newsletters and information about Uviwe. Every paid up member have one vote at our AGM.

We have 4 membership categories, i.e. 

  • Individual/corporate 
  • Associate/partner organisations
  • Honorary member and
  • Ambassador/Patron


This is any community member interested in being involved with Uviwe at Board, management, organisational, fundraising, donations, marketing or management level. They do not subscribe to the annual membership fees and have no voting right, but can add significant value to the sustainabity of the organisation. The duration of a volunteer's involvement may be project specific or could extend over years.

Community Partners

This is community members (who can be a member, or volunteer), but who are recruited, screened and trained on specific Criteria to work in partnership on projects, programmes or services. The Neighbourhood Friends are representative of the community they interact with and have direct client contact. At the moment we have 4 categories of volunteers who works directly with clients (children, youth & communities)

  • Safety/Holiday parents
  • "Neighbourhood Friends"
  • Projects: KITE/Food garden
  • Youth Mentors /development

At Uviwe we salute all our Volunteers, as the organisation's sustainability depends on their continued involvement. Often, community friends ensure child care & protection services long after offices have closed. Our community friends are our community based partners in child care & protection.

Who To Call?

Our central contact person for any person interested in volunteering time and skills can contact Anna-Louise Olivier at volunteer@uviwe.co.za

Can Anyone Get Involved - Or Become A Volunteer?

There are various options in terms of matching the organisation's needs and the volunteer's expectations. 
Such options include:

Volunteer Type Contact person Application & Screening Training Required Supervision Monitoring
Patron/Ambassador Director annalouise@uviwe.co.za Yes No No Yes
Member: Individual/Corporate or Associate Organisation Board Secretary
Yes No No Yes
Board Member (governance) Board Secretary
Yes Yes No Yes
Fundraising - host events or run campaigns Board Secretary faith@uviwe.co.za  Yes  No No Yes
Donations - collect, drop off and advertise Board Secretary faith@uviwe.co.za Yes No No Yes
Working in the Charity Shop Finance marlene@uviwe.co.za Yes Yes Yes Yes
Safety/Holiday Parents Intake Team
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Neighbourhood Friends - Monitoring Families Alternative Care, Families & VEP
Yes Yes Yes Yes
KITE Project at Thuthuzela Centre VEP 
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Youth Mentors Youth Development
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Any other Skill, Time, Expertise or Donation  Soretha Loock


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