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Kevin's Story

Category: Abandoned

Kevin was abandoned by his mother at birth and doesn't know who his real father is. His mother is currently imprisoned in Brazil for drug smuggling and has not had any contact with Kevin since she abandoned him. He is 7 years old now and has no contact with any of his family. He is not yet aware th .. [more]

The Pot Siblings' Story

Category: Severe Neglect

A case was reported that 3 children, Lisa (15), Keagan (9) and Mark (12) were severely neglected and living with their mother in a container with 14 other people. Their mother was already dying from Aids and their father had already died of Aids. To make things worse, 2 of the people living in the  .. [more]

Terry's Story

Category: Addiction

Terry, her 2 children from her marriage and her baby lived with her maternal grandparents. Terry was addicted to alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine and often in debt with her dealers. She would regularly abandon the children until one day over a Christmas period she took her baby and .. [more]

Michaela's Story

Category: Severe Neglect

Michaela was referred to Uviwe by the clinic, who was worried about her mother's addiction problem, but they could not get her mom to go to our office. The clinic contacted the crisis line and Michaela was placed in a "place of safety", while her mother attended a parenting programme. Michaela was sever .. [more]

Sipho's Story

Category: Severe Neglect

Sipho's aunt called the crisis line because of bruises she saw on his buttocks. He was beaten by an uncle in the house. Uviwe staff investigated, spoke to the mom and supported and educated the family. Sipho remained in the care of his mom and is doing much better now. His mother has been taught that it .. [more]

Zuki's Story

Category: Severe Sexual Abuse

Zuki, 8 years old, was severely sexually abused by her step-dad. Her behavior was extremely sexualized, her father was arrested and her mom and sister rejected her. We saw her in therapy for a year, and then a psychologist continued with therapy for Zuki. Her behavior was s .. [more]

Pauline's Story

Category: Physical Abuse

A girl with severe burns on her body was brought in by her father. Her mother's boyfriend had been burning her and torturing her for about 6 months with no intervention by her mother. We provided therapy for her and her father and referred them to the Family Advocate's Office for custody arrangements. She is currently living with her dad.

Charne's Strory

Category: Physical Abuse

A referral of a 9 year old child with bruised hands was received. She had been beaten severely by her father for not cleaning the house. Bruises were visible on her fragile body. Uviwe's social workers provided therapy for her, had a family group conference with the family and taught alte .. [more]

Wandisa's Story

Category: Neglect and Abandonment

An 11 year old girl phoned the crisis line requesting assistance - her mother left her with 2 younger siblings and disappeared more than a week ago. At the time of the call they had no food and were desperate. A social worker was sent out to investigate - all 3 children have been placed in safe care and .. [more]

Thandi's Story

Category: Disadvantaged

Thandi (4 years old) and her brother Sithembela (3 years old) attend one of our ECD centre's (Ruth McCullum) in Schauderville every day. Their mother works as a car guard during the day to earn money to look after her two children. At night Thandi, her mother and brother sleep at a public toilet area, .. [more]

Taxi Violence Story

Category: Violence

Uviwe was contacted one cold winter's morning at 6am by angry, worried and fearful community members. The taxi driving with 3-5 year old children, were on route to the creche. A shooting incident took place and the taxi driver was shot dead, in front of the children. The children were traumatized, in s .. [more]

Brandon's Story

Category: Abandoned

At 2 months old, little Brandon was abandoned by his mother. Sadly, none of his family members would give him a home. A social worker from Uviwe had Brandon put in a place of safety with a non-family member. Eventually Brandon was placed in foster care with his maternal grandmother. His mother has sinc .. [more]

Mr. Adams' Story

Category: Addiction

Mr. Adams divorced his wife and took custody of his children because his wife was a drug addict. She was admitted into a rehabilitation facility where she did not complete her programme. The court granted her visitation rights but for the safety of his children Mr. Adams did not allow it. Social worker .. [more]

Monique's Story

Category: Physical Abuse

9 year old Monique was physically abused by her mother and there were allegations that she was being molested by her father. Monique was acting out and starting to manipulate the system, including social workers, her parents and her school teacher. Her mother was extremely uncooperative until .. [more]

Zandile's Story

Category: Abandoned

Little Zandile was abandoned at birth at Dora Nginza Hospital. She was placed in a place of safety which became her home until she was 4 years old. A lovely couple approached Uviwe wanting to adopt Zandile and another little boy, Sipho. Since the day she was born Zandile's mother has made no attempt at .. [more]

Adam's Story

Category: Severe Sexual Abuse

Hi! My name is Adam. I live in an area called Helenvale. Most people living here rely on state grants and pensions. Unemployment figures are high, both my parents are unemployed and I know what it is like to go to bed on a hungry tummy.

Houses in our area consist of two rooms, one bedroom, a ki .. [more]

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