Projects & Partners


Caring For Creches Project

 Child protection training for crèche teachers

The programme focus on training teachers from ubuntu crèches on child protection issues and ensuring a support network for trained teachers.

Thuthuzela Centre

Provides victim support services to children and KITE programme

AFCON Child Care & Protection Project

Uviwe’s team managed to reach a total of 1912 children and 1444 adults during our awareness drives – all in all 3356 people! Child protection services during AFCON aimed at empowering communities to protect children. We know the risk of child abuse, trafficking and exploitation increases during national and international sport/cultural events. Particularly children in areas surrounding sport centre’s, taverns and public viewing areas may be at specific risk re their vulnerability to accept money for participation in adult-sexual favours.
The photo’ s below shows the groups of children and adults - to ensure appropriate and relevant information sharing on children’s rights and care and protection services.

Firemaker & Wellbeing Project

Useing the creative arts, storytelling and play to facilitate growth and healing for vulnerable children from disadvantaged communities

Report On The Wellbeing Workshop

Uviwe and Zama Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape (February 5 - 7)
Facilitators: Written by Paula Kingwell and Amelda Brand

Overview of training

  • Paula Kingwill, dramatherapist, and Amelda Brand, dramatherapist, facilitated a three day Wellbeing workshop at Uviwe Child and Youth Services in Port Elizabeth.
  • 15 participants attended the workshop. 13 from UVIWE and 2 from Zama
  • Funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund and contributions from UVIWE and Zama
  • The workshops ran between 9am and 4pm from 6 – 8 November 2012

Workshop Outline

The workshop took place over 3 full days. The main areas highlighted in the workshop were:

  • Awareness of the emotional impact of care work
  • Development of self insight and awareness through experiential creative processes
  • Equipping care workers with practical tools in self care


This is a well-resourced group of care workers who have access to training and support. They were keen to participate in the process and engaged fully in the creative and playful processes. While some expressed resistance to certain exercises they often surprised themselves with what they were able to do. The group was very appreciative of the opportunity to focus on themselves. There are some strong personalities in the group that have a powerful influence on the dynamic. It seems that participants are working in challenging environments that can have an impact on individuals and the group.

Learning points for participants

  • There was some acknowledgement of the importance of being with emotions and recognizing the discomfort of feeling these emotions.
  • The group enjoyed finding their way into the playful medium and many spoke of connecting to a child self and recognized the benefit of this. 


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