Forensic Services


Children in Conflict with the Law

Youth offender programme (child on child abuse)

Statistics show that child on child sexual abuse is on the rise. If nothing is done to curb this growth, we will sit with a generation of perpetrators of abuse. This programme seeks to work with children that have been involved in this type of play, to help guide them in what is appropriate and inappropriate, to develop a healthy sexuality by providing facts free of judgment, and to break the cycle of sexual offending and focus on re-education thee children an changing the dysfunctional behaviour.

Expert Witness in Court

Providing therapeutic services to child victims of crime and assisting child with court preparation to appear as child witness in the criminal court. As well as 
submitting pre-lim (witness credibility) and victim impact statement reports to the court while also able to act as “expert witness” in criminal court proceedings.

Victim Empowerment Programme

Empowering hearts to take a flight and heal

KITE - Kids in Therapeutic Engagement

The KITE Programme is a collection of themes and modules that are designed to be used within a group setting, with children, by anyone trained in running these groups. They seek to take the “unknown” out of a very scary experience by educating both the parents and their children about victim rights, and providing information in an uncomplicated way, on sexual abuse. By giving these survivors a voice, and the right words and terminology, we can restore dignity and control to the young survivor.

KWIC – Kids Witnessing in Court

This programme is threefold:

1.Court Preparation

For children who have to appear as witnesses in Criminal Court. This programme attempts to take the unknown out of a very scary and intimidating situation so that children are empowered to be able to be really heard, and tell their stories in court

2.Preliminary Reports

A child’s ability to be a competent witness in court is tested, and the court is furnished with a report recommending that the child either be allowed to witness or not, and whether the child would need an intermediary, or the use of electronic media when witnessing. Without this report the case cannot be placed on the court roll.

3.Victim Impact Statements

This report assesses the impat that the crime has had, and will have on the child’s life. The magistrate will take this into account when deciding on a suitable sentence, if the accused is found guilty.


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