Family Empowerment


Teenage Mother/Father Programme

Self enrichment and parenting programme.

This programme focus on enhancing the parenting skills of teenage mothers/fathers.

Parenting Programme

Parenting programme for biological or alternative care parents.

The aim of this programme is to guide and motivate parents to provide as supportive and emotionally healthy family environment. Parenting is a 24/7 job, and comes without any training manual – most parents have no formal training and rely solely on the experiences they gained from their own parents. So, during this programme we focus on topics like building a healthy and happy child, helping your child to feel valued and secure positive discipline, how to have fun, and fostering success. Sharing difficulties and successes in the group context also allows parents to feel that they are not alone in this all important journey of parenting.

Monitoring Programme

Provides counselling, monitoring and support services to ensure families stay together and children do not need to be placed in alternative care by a children’s court.

Counselling & Therapy Programme

Play Therapy

The playroom at Uviwe Child and Youth Services is an integral part of the therapeutic process when working with children and families. This is where an atmosphere of security and trust is developed i order for the healing to take place. Play is the natural and universal language for children, an through play, they learn about themselves and the world around them. The playroom is a magical place where children are supported and guided, and a sense of hopefulness for the future is fostered.
The playroom at Uviwe Child and Youth Services has been designed with the child in mind. We have upgraded our toys and equipment to create a soothing and inviting environment, while equipping the therapist with state of the art resources. We offer:

  • A large play area
  • A dream doll’s house with all the furniture and families
  • A variety of musical instruments
  • Bibliotherapy story books
  • Therapeutic board games
  • A fully stocked art cupboard
  • A children’s play house
  • A chest of dress-up and make-believe toys and costumes
  • A full set of anatomically correct dolls, and a set of puppets
  • A variety of standard toys, like dolls, feeding bottles and clothes, cars, figurines, lego, wooden blocks, construction toys, etc.

Our playroom also features a one-way mirror, with a fully installed sound system, which can be used for:

  • observing the child’s play without influencing
  • to observe interactions between parent and child
  • to enable a supervisor to view sessions
  • for supervised visitation
  • to facilitate the taking of a child’s statement

We also offer a fully equipped Sand Tray Therapy Room, with a wide variety of miniatures and natural materials.

Our Playroom and/or Sand Tray room can be booked and rented per hour for external social workers, private social workers, psychologists, and SAPS & N.P.A. officials - for therapy sessions, supervision and mentoring, supervised visits, the taking of statements etcetera.
A fully trained field worker can also be made available to do the actual supervision of visits between parents/grandparents/caregivers and children.

To book the playroom, sand tray room, and/or fieldworker please contact Deonette Chapman on (041) 453 0441, or from Monday to Thursday (07h45 to 16h30) and Fridays (07h45 to 12h30).

Family Group Conferencing

This refers to an intervention used to address social issues eg. Child abuse. The focus is on including all of the family’s significant other people, identifying each family member’s strengths and finding solutions to challenges experienced by the family.


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