Alternative Care



Both undisclosed and disclosed adoptions

Family Reunification

Provides counselling, monitoring and support service

Family Reunification is all services rendered that helps keep children who have been removed from their families, in contact with them. This varies from telephone calls, supervised visits, face to face visits between children and their families to weekend and holiday visits with their families. A lot of skills are taught t parents and other family members to enable them to provide these children with a safe environment. A key point during family reunification is to evaluate whether parents can implement these skills. If they are evaluated to be in a position to once again resume their full time parental responsibilities, the children can and should be returned to their care and they receive practical support and monitoring to ensure that the children’s best interest are being met.

Foster Care

This service includes monitoring, extension order and various enrichment programmes.

Uviwe also offers an extension to this called the Youth Independent Living Programme that focuses on young people leaving foster care to live independently who require a period of additional support before assuming full independence we provide access to case management and caseworker support within the program for a maximum of two years. Development of skills, competencies and connections young people need to be able to successfully live independently and peer support as well as assistance to re/establish social networks including family relationships. As well as the assistance with access to education, training and employment assistance, health and counselling services, other required services, after school services, based on assessment of need.

Adoption Related Tracing

When an adopted child wants to obtain information about their biological parents (after the age of 18) legislation allows for such a process to be facilitated by a designated Social Worker from accredited adoption agencies/child protection agency. Since Uviwe has been involved in adoption work since the early 1920’s we have archived information about the child and parents at the time of adoption. The Tracing programme entails a step by step process by which an adoptive child can request information or contact about his/her biological parents.


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