Youth Development


Life Skills Programme

Building and enhancing life skills for our children and youth is of the utmost importance. In this programme, children are taught sills to deal with all the life’s complications, focusing among others on sexual education, building self esteem, and modelling positive behaviours.

Youth Forum/Mentorship Programme

This programme conducts:

  • Regular membership events at which all members will be encouraged to share thinking and best practice with each other plus leading experts who have been invited to address the Forum
  • Research initiatives to improve the evidence base for policy development
  • Communications programmes targeted to the wider community of decision-makers and influencers in the public, private and other sectors

Teacher Learner Care Programme

The Teacher Learner Care programme is aimed at working together with the learner (with behavioural challenges), parent/s and their teachers to improve the learner’s school performance and general behaviour. The programme entails various activities to form a holistic strengths based developmental approach to support our current education situation within the broader nelson Mandela Bay district. The programme comprises of various levels and phases and is implemented over 2-3 years. The first phase focuses on identifying 60 learners with behavioural challenges, implement therapeutic behavioural change workshops and conduct parenting groups on effective discipline and positive parenting. Phase 2 includes teacher Care, Mentorship and Aftercare. Phase 3 includes a Youth Community Service element.


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