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Children Speak Out


It affected my school work a bit and it caused a lot of trouble between my parents and us I never wanna be in touch with my father’s family again. I never wanna see them again, but now I am much better at school and I like it better where we live now. We could never play in Windvogel and now we play every day. I still feel hurt sometimes and I want him to go to jail.


I would want Nolan to go to jail and to let my family be happy again. And no more trouble between my families and between me and brother and sister. I would like you to make things right for us and let my mother and father be happy with each other. This made me lose concentration in school and my father started drinking alcohol again, because of all the trouble.


I’m a girl and was on the 21 December 2011 by the police station at 02h30 the morning. After I was by the police station they took me to Dora Nginza hospital. I was there from03h15 the morning till 13h00 the next afternoon. All I did was sitting and walking around and after that I go and ask when the doctor is coming than they told me I must wait. He just gonna help two people than he is going again, and then after her left. We must wait for the next doctor that did come only about 11h30. There service by working with people is disgusting towards the community. 

Adoption Story

December 2012

An Adoptive mother contacted the Society that her adopted daughter would like to trace her biological mother as the family is planning to immigrate .
The file was drawn and information was obtained about where the biological mother had grown up and some history of the mother as well as to find out who her school boyfriend was when she left school etc. It was very difficult to trace the biological mother as she was not registered on face book. We traced her boyfriend. He knew about the child that the biological mother gave up for adoption about 18 years ago. He married her, but they were now divorced, but he gave me the contact details for her. We contacted the biological mother and asked her if she gave birth to a little girl 18 years ago. She softly said yes, and we told her that her daughter would like to meet with her. She was very surprised and became a little emotional and said there was not one day that she doesn’t think about her child. We could not find anything on the biological father at this point.

The Adoptee was quite prepared to meet with her mother, and did not want any assistance i.t.o counselling to meet with her mother. The contact details of the mother were given to the adoptee and she made contact with her biological mother. The Adoptee met her other two siblings and invited the elder sister to spend a few days with her.

According to the Adoptive mother the meeting between the adoptee and her mother went well. The Adoptive mother phoned the office and informed us that they do have regular contact with each other now , but still would like to meet her biological father.

Social worker will wait for the request from the adoptee look for her father, but at this point in time she was happy to be able to trace her biological mother.


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