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Be more informed, you could save a life!


We are informed about the rise in statistics surrounding abuse of women and children, and are strongly urged to get involved with organisations that work in children and woman protection.

One of the ways we can become involved is to report if we...

World Play Day - 28 May - Activity 9


Continuing with the theme of mess and paint and getting to really experience all the feels of art products, this post is all about sensory fun. Children love to experience the world with all of their senses and this is an important part of growing and learning. The activities here incorporate not only touch and feel, but also smell, taste, hearing and seeing. And again we have included a no mess option, but I would encourage you to really try and let your child experience all of these activities – especially gloop – you haven’t lived until you have played with gloop – that’s a promise.

World Play Day - 28 May - Activity 6


And into a new week we go. Seeing as Mondays are not everyone's cup of tea, and usually a rushed affair or, if you are lucky, more one of slowly easing into the week, we have a nice easy sensory activity for all the parents out there.
We are heading into winter here in the southern hemisphere, and beach visits are going to get fewer and fewer. If your children love playing with sand, don’t despair, as we have something for you.

World Play Day - 28 May - Weekend Activity


At Uviwe we believe that a dad should be involved in his child's life from day one - so seeing that it is weekend, and daddy will be home, I have decided to post an activity that will require a little more time, and daddy's involvement. The beauty of this project is that you can make it as big or as small as you want, you can make it elaborate and a permanent feature, or disposable and quick, and you can make it with the materials and fixtures around you, or actually go out and buy materials for this. Like all play activities, your imagination is your biggest resource.

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