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World Play Day - 28 May - Activity 8


Today's blog is all about getting creative and bringing colour into our lives. And how better to do that than, wait for it, ...PAINT. And now I can hear all the parents out there groan collectively in horror, "Not paint, it's soooooo messy!" But don't worry, I have a number of activities for today, and they vary in degrees of messiness, so there will definitely be something to suit everyone, I promise.
This blog has also been inspired, in part, by a conversation that I was part of the other day at my son's pre-school, where a mom was saying how wonderful the new apps on her i-pad are. She was explaining how her son builds puzzles, colours in pictures and draws, all using the i-pad. Now don't get me wrong, I love technology and think that all these gadgets are awesome; but a part of me wonders how much fun our kids will have one day, when they no longer get their hands dirty and feel the cold squishiness of finger paints; or how pastel crayons feel completely different to wax crayons and pencil crayons; when they no longer feel the flakiness of dried paint on a canvass, or the puffiness of puff-paint, and when they can no longer feel that satisfying click of one puzzle piece locking into place with another. It is a sad thought, and while we should encourage our children to get used to gadgets and technology, I feel strongly that we should also create as many opportunities as possible for them to explore the pure sensory joy of art and play.


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