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World Play Day - 28 May - Activity 7


Okay guys, Monday is behind us and it is on to better and brighter things :) We are calling today 'Maker Day" and as the title says, it is all about making. After all of the sensory play activities, I thought a post involving calming activities would be in order.
Remember that playing for children can take many guises, it can mean physical activity, arts and crafts, sensory play, imitative play, board games, organised play, sports, etc. Play is all about making sense of the world, learning and practicing new skills, and having fun, so children can help make the following objects, (which will help boost their feelings of self esteem), as well as play with the objects (fun). Having mom and dad involved in making and playing with the objects is an extra bonus.

World Play Day - 28 May - Weekend Activity


At Uviwe we believe that a dad should be involved in his child's life from day one - so seeing that it is weekend, and daddy will be home, I have decided to post an activity that will require a little more time, and daddy's involvement. The beauty of this project is that you can make it as big or as small as you want, you can make it elaborate and a permanent feature, or disposable and quick, and you can make it with the materials and fixtures around you, or actually go out and buy materials for this. Like all play activities, your imagination is your biggest resource.

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