World Play Day - 28 May - Activity 3

Our third post and boy, this is a fun one.  It's a bonus for parents too 'cos there are 4 different activities for you to try in this one post; and best of all - they all involve water :)  Or bath time to be exact.  And what child doesn't like bath time?

It must also be said that baths don't just have to happen at bath time. Crabby kids respond really well to relaxing in the bath, as do bored kids.  And by relaxing, I mean playing, because playing is really relaxing for children.  And the best thing of all, the mess gets washed down the drain, and you get squeaky clean kids.  Win Win in my books.

Bath time is a wonderful time to have fun with your kids as they are relatively contained in one space, there is little mess, and it lends itself to lots of sensory play. Please remember to supervise your kids at all times though.

Okay, so for our first activity:


Colour Ice Cubes1

What you need:

  • Some food colouring 
  • Water
  • Different shaped containers, ice-cube trays, empty 250ml juice boxes

What to do:

  • Mix the food colouring and water, and pour into your containers
  • Freeze

Let the fun begin:

  • When your child is in the bath, bring out the frozen ice cubes
  • Talk about shapes, sizes, colours, concepts such as hard and soft, cold and warm, melting and freezing etc.
  • The difference between the hot and cold is a wonderful sensory surprise, and as the ice blocks melt, they will change the colour of the bath water.
  • You can freeze humongous ice bricks in 2 litre milk cartons, and in big round plastic containers, you can use styrofoam cups, or even freeze water in balloons, and cut away the balloon when you are ready.  Your imagination can go wild here.


Glowstick Bath

What you need

  • Glow sticks (sold at J&A Florals in Willow Road for R1 a stick)

Let the fun begin:

  • Wait until dark, crack the glow stick, give them a good shake, chuck them into the bath and turn out the lights
  • Awesome glowy fun.
  • Glow sticks can be bent into shapes, you can talk about colours and concepts such as light and dark, night and day etc.


Balloon Glowstick

Balloon Bath

What you need:

  • Empty balloons
  • Glow sticks
  • Water Beads (those gel beads that florists use to keep flowers fresh, Crazy store, J&A Florals, Florists)
  • Colour ice cubes (see above)
  • Fizzy bath bombs
  • Bath salts
  • Etcetera

What to do:

  • Fill the balloons with any or all of the above
  • Have some balloons just filled with air as well
  • Put your child in the bath and add the balloons

Let the fun begin:

  • First it will just be fun to bath with a whole bunch of brightly coloured balloons
  • Show your child that some will float and some will sink
  • Talk about heavy, light, cold, warm, noisy, hard, soft and squishy
  • Feel them, squeeze them, float on them and have fun.
  • When this gets boring (and admit it - some kids have the attention span of a gnat on speed), help your child to cut the balloons open, one at a time. If your child is still small, do this for them.
  • Explore the squishy beads, cold ice cubes, different colours, fizzy bombs, etcetra


Shaving Cream Paint

What you need:

  • A muffin pan
  • Shaving cream
  • Food colouring
  • A paint brush, or basting brush, or just little fingers

What to do:

  • Add a dollop of shaving cream to each cup of the muffin tin
  • Add some food colouring and mix

Let the fun begin:Paint Rainbow

  • Paint away on the bath and tiles
  • Leave the water out of the bath for a while if you are worried about slipping
  • Awesome and easy.

So that's the list for now.  These activities can be done in the bath, or even outside in a paddling pool or plastic basin.  The bath paint can be used in the shower, and the glow sticks work really well there too.  It's all about having fun and bonding and laughing with your kids. Let you imagination go, and play, play, play.

Please leave us a comment if you try any of these and feel free to post photos of you experiments. Here's to some good, clean fun - until tomorrow :)

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