Education is key to protection

Not many individuals know about the relationship that is shared between a mother elephant and her calf.Mother elephants have a very strong bond with their calves. A mother may nurse its baby for up to four years. The baby learns all its social and survival skills by closely watching its mother. It will learn how to drink water properly without spilling and also how to gather grass with its trunk. Mothers have been seen gently slapping their young with their trunk to discipline them and will link their trunks together to say “hi” to each other.

Providing their calves with the tools to survive in life.

Unfortunately, there are predators that prey on those that are young and not able to defend themselves.

When a calf is in a dangerous situation, an angry mother elephant protecting her child is a force to be reckoned with.

Upon seeing the images below, I began thinking of how when a woman has a child, that motherly instinct kicks in and you want to protect your baby with all the strength and power you have within you.


In the incredible moment caught on camera, a mother elephant came to the rescue, as her baby was being attacked by a pack of hyenas....her natural instinct to protect her baby came to the fore.

The elephant is seen charging at the hyenas, to ward them off her offspring.

Going out into the community, we see so many small children playing in the streets with no adult supervision. They are exposed to unsafe and perilous surroundings, with predators lurking and waiting to take that first step to engage with the vulnerable child.

These children are then taken from their homes or play areas and are hurt and violated. Their innocence shattered. Their young bodies broken.

My thoughts drift to if these children were ever taught and equipped with tools to keep themselves safe.

I pose these two questions to you today:

• How would you feel if you were unable to protect your child?
• What steps would you take in keeping your child safer?

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