Working At Uviwe

A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

From the moment I stepped inside the premises, I was overwhelmed with excitement; at last, I will be able to fulfill my calling, my career objectives, my passion and my purpose. The eyes were glowing; I felt like I was walking on air…..I was here to save the world. Little did I know what I was getting myself into? The cases started to come, the planning, the implementation, the reports, the running around, the disappointments, the support, the emotions, it was the never ending cycle.
The challenge was aiming to do everything all at once, but frustration came after me, the pressure of having to deal with young souls who are hopeless and wanting justice to take its course and the support from to her stakeholders was lacking, and I felt so useless asking myself: Lord why is this happening” I did not understand why I could not do enough, I did not understand why people were selfish, I did not understand why there were so many cases of child abuse, I could not understand why families has to cry, I could understand why my life seemed perfect that the suffering families I dealt with every day, I didn't understand anything. Is this what I studied for? To feel this useless and incapable of saving my clients. Was the problem me? Was it because I wanted to be super woman? Was it because I felt obligated to heal the bleeding hearts? I realized I had more questions than answers and I did not know who will answer them. My mind is always filled with confusion and worry, the excitement disappeared, and I felt more angry and fed-up about everything.
The support was there, but it was never enough, the resources were there but they were never enough, the system is there but is t was never enough, stakeholders were not always available to work together, policies were too broad and vague to implement, and time was always never enough……

Siphesihle Mzizi(Social Worker)

What Does It mean For Me To Work At Uviwe

Employee: Sherry Majolla (Social Auxiliary Worker – went on retirement in 2012)

I started working at Uviwe in October 1997. I always had this particular dream/desire to work with children one day. In 1997 that dream became a reality. When I started working at this organization. I am always positive when I come to work in the morning because I believe God has bless me with this job/employment. Daily I depend on Him to give me wisdom and guidance to do my work to the best of my ability. The staff at Childline has become a family over the years and where we care and share our joys and help one another during difficult times.
I enjoy the birthdays of the staff because I will act as a choir leader and we will sing happy birthday to that member. It is really a joy to be part of Uviwe family and to see the staff with a smile on their faces although there are also many challenges in our work situation.
The most exciting part of my work is to go out into the community and do community work, working with the foster – parents and children. One of my highlights was when we started the family preservation pilot project in Helenvale.
I want to say thank you to Uviwe for all the training, workshops, exposure in social work and also equipping me to do my work.
Lastly I wish the organization all of the best for the future and I hope that it will grow from strength to strength.

Phakamile Qobo (Counsellor & Fieldworker)

I started working at Uviwe early 2000 as Volunteer as a field worker my duties was to do awareness about child abuse; children rights and after school programme (i.e.) life skills and homework do art culture e.g. Xhosa dance gumboots dance and plays / drama.
Then in 2002 or 2003 I was trained to be a counselor and also telephone counseling. Then in November 2010 I was permanently employed as a crisisline counselor. I now work as the fieldworker for family reunification services.

Employee: Zoliswa Kwanini (Social Auxiliary Worker)

Personally I have grown since I have been working at Uviwe. It is now 3 years with the organization. I have been given opportunities to prove my strengths and abilities. The managers have also believed in me and they were supportive, although sometimes I will feel doubting myself to do other things that I regard them as challenges, but because of the backup and support I have managed to succeed in those things. I was so fortunate to attend outside training supported by Uviwe for me this was an opportunity of the lifetime, although I regarded myself as “new comer” at Uviwe as some other staff did not get those opportunities. Being someone different in terms of my religion and have different ways of doing things, this has been handled in a professional way although there were some people who do not understand me, for me to have those who accepting me mean a lot as I cannot expect everybody to accept and love me.

Employee: Coburn Skutt (Social worker)

I was appointed on 4 October 2010 at the organization. I was previously employed in, Graaff-Reinet, so I had to get familiar with the procedures and structures of the organization. It took me a few months to find my feet and from there it was nothing but learning new things and understanding how the organization functions.
I can gladly say that Uviwe give me the opportunity to grow on a personal and professional level. The staff in the organization made me feel welcome and networking with them made me even more determine to continue working for the organization.
I always wanted to start my career by serving the community I was born and bred, Graaff-Reinet, and after a few years of experience moving to a city and deliver services in a bigger community. I have achieved that now, but to grow more professionally in the organization in the future.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Employee: Rene Naidoo (ECD Supervisor)

I have been working for Uviwe for the past 23 years. Now if I did not believe in what I am doing her, and was not dedicated to my job, I Would have switched jobs long ago. Yes there is a lot of stress working with little children but comes with the territory.

My staff and I work in a beautiful modern building in a Residential area in Gelvandale. We got on well with our superiors. The organization goes to great lengths to encourage the employees to improve their status, by providing them with further training, workshops and seminars.
I do not know whether any company or organization is so dedicated in investing in their staff as Uviwe. I work for a very Dynamic organization and I full support and subscribe to their ideas. I love my job and in what I do.
In Conclusion:
Our children are our future and I am playing our part by caring, educating and preparing them for the future. Which I pray will be filled with peace and prosperity.

Employee: Soretha Loock (Fundraising and Relationships Co-ordinator)

I am part of Uviwe for the past 20 years and it has been a great journey for me. Being part of this organisation I was taught many skills, skills on how to engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures, as well as serving the poor and the unprivileged groups in society.
Being part of this family I was also faced with many challenges such as moving from one team to another, high caseload and vacant posts. But through the year I remain focused and positive and working with families and vulnerable children it taught me to be humble. I believed in what Uviwe Child & Youth Services stands for, to empower communities by strengthening families by keeping them together. I feel honored to be part of this movement in child protection services as well as being part of committed people to make a difference out there.

Trudi Beneder (Manager: Prevention & Capacity Building)

Leer, elke dag
Groei elke dag
Dankbaarheid, elke dag
Nederigheid, elke dag en ja,
Dit is wanneer jy van jouself gee dat jy werklik eers gee.

Deidre Bermoskie (Data administrator)

It is a satisfying feeling being part of the critical services that are rendered in our communities and at the end of the day to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life.
Working at Uviwe makes me aware of the dangerous that threatens our children and in doing so give me knowledge to protect my own.
It means prospect for development, commitment, staying positive and focused in order for me to maintain an accurate and efficient service of importance.

Davian Asia (Transport Clerk)

When I started here at Uviwe 8 years ago, I knew nothing about Uviwe. As the years went by, I asked around what the social as well as the auxiliary workers are doing there were at that stage three teams, named intake, community and alternative teams. I learned a little of each and read books and pamphlets. Up until today I know about abused children, human trafficking human rights and the physical and psychological impact on victims as children. It is for me a great honor to be part of Uviwe, and I’m learning more every day.

Neliswa Ndimba (Receptionist)

To me it has been a great pleasure working for Uviwe.
The energy, the passion, the courage as well as the skills development.
To stand up and tell myself that I am not here for anyone but to serve the community. Sometimes it feels bad to see/deal with hard people who have major problems but make me feel as a grown up and shows me ahead the challenges of life as well as the challenges at work.
I really appreciate the opportunity to work as an Uviwe employee.


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