Uviwe Child and Youth Services was established in September 1917 and has rendered social and welfare services to all communities in Port Elizabeth from as early as 1943.

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We have credibility and standing in all areas of the city. 

Uviwe Child and Youth Services acknowledges its strong heredity in association with two equally significant national child protection and welfare organisations namely:

During 2011 Uviwe's disaffiliation from both national organisations was sanctioned. We remain thankful for the positive way in which partnership opportunities can be maintained with both organizations. 

Uviwe's name changes over the years reflect the organisation's strong leadership, unchangeable vision and adaptability to stay relevant to the needs of children, families and communities over the years. 

  • The P.E. Society for the Protection of Child Life was established on 30 September 1917
  • In 1918 the Society's name was changed to the P.E. Child Welfare Society
  • On 11 May 2000 the organisation changed its name to P.E. Childline And Family Centre
  • The organisation changed its name to Uviwe Child And Youth Services on 19 December  2012

From the earliest days the organisation concerned itself with issues such as poverty, child abuse and neglect, abandonment and ineffective parenting skills. This organisation has always advocated for the right s of children and families. It has always been able to adapt pro-actively to initiate new and relevant (progressive) programmes, to serve the needs of the underprivileged communities and vulnerable (at risk) children.  


  • Initiating the first child came centre in Port Elizabeth (Claredon Creche in North End)
  • Initiating the first Places of Safety in Port Elizabeth for boys and girls which were later taken over by the government
  • Initiating the development of a mental health section for children and families which later became an independent society
  • A special street child out reach programme was initiated in 1986. As a result, Liebenhaus was opened as a Centre for Street Children and today it is a registered Children's Home for 25 boys
  • With the assistance of the Lion's Host Club, the Child Abuse Treatment Unit, the only such facility in the Eastern Cape, was launched on 7 December 1988
  • During the early nineties the organisation responded by introducing job skills training programmes to empower families. With the assistance of the Department of Labour these programmes grew into well structured and accredited training programmes (bicklaying, carpentry, educare, needlework, elementary- up to advanced)
  • During 1997 a full-scale developmental programme with family preservation as the focus, was developed in consultation with and the involvement of the Helenvale community
  • Community capacity building programmes were successfully implemented and sustained, such as the Neighbourhood Friends (trained community members who act as a community support system), Youth Mentors (trained young people who walk the road and support other youth at risk), a Teenage Mother support programme and Ubutu Playgroup projects
  • This organisation's professional training programmes are highly in demand, especially in relation to Child Abuse (professionals and lay counselors) and Family Preservation Training
  • The 24-hour provincial Childline Crisis Line was operated from Port Elizabeth during its starting years. Uviwe's premises, counselors and resources created an enabling environment to serve the whole of the Eastern Cape. The crisis line moved in 2013 to East London from where the newly established Childline Eastern Cape office is being run
  • New Gelvandale ECD centre wins the ABSA "Best ECD in the Eastern Cape" award in 2012  
  • We are the only NGO in the Metro providing criminal court reports for child victims of crime, our direct involvement at the Thuthuzela centre and NPA has increased services significantly 


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