Board and Management

Head Of Departments


Director Anna-Louise Olivier 

Support Team

Finance Ntombo Mvakade
Support Teams Hester Pieterse
HR Suana Jordaan
Website & Social Media Deonette Chapman

Services & Programme Teams

Social Services Manager Trudie Beneder
Youth Development Melvin Roelfse
Training & Development Nishkah Muller
ECD Coordinator Geraldine Hearne
Child Abuse Crisis Unit Pretty Jena
Family & Victim Empowerment Dalene Caesar
Alternative Care & Reunification Maliska Gravett
Fundraising & Relationships Coordinator Soretha Loock


 Uviwe Child & Youth Services Management Board fulfills its executive leadership role and ensures compliance with NPO governance requirements.
The organization prides itself in implementing and adhering to the following governance standards:

  • Create a context for the ethical use of authority by Board members. Every Board member signs an annual “code of conduct & confidentiality” charter, as well as being screened against the Child Protection Register (Part B) of the Children’s Act 38/2005.
  • Create guiding principles in support of the organisation’s values with specific Board responsibilities and portfolios.
  • Promote fairness, equity, moral consistency and certainty.
  • Demonstrate organizational commitment to and support for the broad principles of the King III Report on Corporate Governance and other applicable policies and legislation within the NPO sector.

The financial operations of PE Childline & Family Centre take place within legislative frameworks regulating the NPO sector. Financial compliance is adhered to in respect of generally acceptable accounting practices and the submission of annual audited financial statements to funders, government and relevant stakeholders.

Our 2013-2014 Board members are:

Okkie Steyn Chairman
Ben Casper Vice-Chairman
Andrea Puggia Honorary Treasurer
Shaun Fondling Board Member
Koko July Board Member


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