About Uviwe


Uviwe is a registered child protection organisation (as per Children's legislation). We have as our primary objective the creation of a  caring society, protective of children's rights, while focusing on the development of children and youth to improve their quality of life and to reach their full potential as economically active citizens. A special focus is maintained regarding orphaned, "at risk" and vulnerable children, child victims of crime, children in alternative care placements, as well as pre-school development (ECD), however such focus is not exclusive by nature.

Uviwe's secondary objective is to strengthen partnerships and to ensure skills and knowledge transfer to improve service delivery (according to the Department of  Social Development national service norms and standards) through collaboration with established and emerging civil society organisations.

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Child Centred Service

Given Uviwe Child & Youth Services’ new direction/paradigm shift, it is paramount that we remain a child focussed organisation with the child's well-being as the core of all decisions, projects and service delivery.
  • Re-active Service Delivery: Where Uviwe Child & Youth Services’ deals with a case, the starting point is assessing the child, then the family and finally the community in which they live.
  • Pro-active Service Delivery: Although the starting point may not be direct contact with a child or the family, but rather the community in which they live, the service we provide or partnership we initiate must always have the child as its core focus.

Who Is A Child

A child is a person under the age of 18 years according to the Children’s Act 38/2005
"Youth" includes young person's up to the age of 25 years

NPO Status and Membership

Uviwe Child & Youth Services is an independent and registered NPO. We are fully compliant with the requirements of the NPO ACT.
Our NPO number is 003-620.
Our PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) number is: 130000944

We are a tax exempt organisation.

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